Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday and not a road trip in sight

Ahhh weekend;how sweet the sound.  And yet a bit melancoly(is that how you spell that)   The attic has been emptied and now comes the difficult part  of going through all of the memories.  When you are QUICKLY approaching 60 you have a lot of memories.  The attic is the place where the older ones and possibly best one are stored.  Today the totes and boxes will be gone through and divided among the children.  My sweet son in law will come for the bunk beds and matching chest that allowed a small boy to rest so he could grow into a man.  The man didn't want it.     Rick has been working in the tool room for a week now.  We have so many duplicates of tools and such that it needs a good purging.  I am also parting with my collection of chldrens books.   The preschool teacher in me sees such a treasure in those but the person trying to get her life a bit more simplified sees no reason to keep such things.   Now the one thing to always cherish are people, especially grandchildren.  Aren't my girls the best?  Their smiles light up this heart.  They are always ready to share a hug and a smile.  Love you MM and Z!
  Z. had just gotten her glasses and was amazed at the sights she was seeing for the first time.  Such cuties.

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  1. You have beautiful grandchildren. I'm 77 yrs on Nov 25. We sold our home a few years back because both of our boys are gone, one in Calgary, married to a gal from Los Angles, one in Utah. Cleaning out the house was hard, we lived there for 50 years. My husband had a stroke nearly 4 years ago, living in apartment is much better for us. With both boys away we decided not to buy a condo. It would be more difficult for them to sell.
    Take care of yourself and your husband. May God Bless you both.