Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Before Halloween A Show and no Tell

These are the goodies that are in the package that will eventually get to Canada.  I decided that this pic doesn't show a lot of the goodies so if Betty M. reads this blog she still will not know all of her surprises.  I am using the mug rug that I received from Betty as my mouse pad at work.  It is made of such happy colors.
Joy of Joys I figured out how to put pictures on here from the cell phone.  I am a happy girl.  I love learning new stuff that is truly beneficial to me.    Yesterday evening I decided to get industrious and wash the three four footed babies.  However, Ralphie had other plans and when he saw the towels and shampoo quickly let himself out the back door.  He got his later though so all the puppies are/were clean.  It is so dry outside that the ground is one big dust bowl and they will get dirty quickly.  Also, last night, I played with some bubbles.  Rick is a real party pooper though and made me stop just cause they were hitting him and popping.  


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  2. I love all my gifts, the Halloween tote bag was amazing. I'm sorry I can't gift wrap your items, everything in the box has to be visible to the American Custom Officers.
    Again thank you for everything you sent me, I appreciate all the work you did.
    All the best,