Sunday, October 23, 2011

Friday was the Great day

Friday was my lucky day; I should have played the lottery but alas I didn't.   This past week at work we had fun day. It's a day that we all take a couple of hours and play games like Bingo and cake walk and such.  Everything costs a dollar and it goes to Leukemia and Lyphoma research.  I didn't win much that day but it was fun and I got to spend time with people that work outside my area.
  But now Friday... they had a drawing for a spectacular Halloween basket.  I wanted that thing BAD.  The drawing was held and I was the happy winner. I can't post a picture of that because I have pretty much torn it to pieces giving out candy and a little Tiger suit. Now I am keeping the socks and stuffed goodes and of course the flip flops.  The coloring book and color crayons (as he says) will go to Pete, my SIL.  He loves to color.
    Then when I got home from work my swap package from Betty in Canada was here. I think our packages must have crossed in the air.   It was so cute and I have swapped out my tote for this most lovely of totes.  You can see all the other presents that were included.  I did forget to include the handmade card in the picture.   I was doing really well though clearing out a spot on the dining room table for a photo.  I always do a good job of hiding my pile of stuff in pics.
This afternoon I cleaned out the dining room drawers and cupboards.  I always find so many precious memories of my past lives.  I still had typed sermons from Johnnie, my 1st husband.  Gee, he's been with Jesus for over 20 something years and he doesn't need them anymore.  Then I found a newsletter from Richard, my 2nd husband, while he was at First Baptist as minister of ed there.(He's been with Jesus over 2 years)  It was telling about the new baby in the house.  It was Trey, the week he asked Jesus to be his Savior and Lord.  He was a newborn in Christ and we took his decision very seriously and raised him as a child of God.   One day I am praying he will return to his Father.  *Sigh* 
Through out lots of used candles and stuff.  Why do I hold on to junk?


  1. A wonderful swap package!
    I would say those letters hold some precious memories. :)

  2. Wow.. look at you.. what a nice swap.. and I love the tote.. its bootiful :)

  3. It made me sad and happy to read your blog, and I thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you liked your tote bag, you sure deserved it. I've met four of the best people in the world through Aunt Pitty Pat's swap, and you are one of them.
    Thanks for sharing your memories.