Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm So Excited

Although I shouldn't say anything.  Cause it may not come true if I say something..OHWELL here goes.  I am going on a road trip tomorrow.  We, Rick and I are going to Macon.  OK so it's only 45 minutes away but understand I NEVER go anywhere but to work and back home.  I can even get lost in our local Ingles cause I go so seldom.   So that is the reason for my exhuberance.   Probably first stop will be Olive Garden.  He is finally able to eat and not choke so he is looking forward to some pasta.  Me, I'll take the salad and bread sticks; now I won't stop at that point but that is my favorite.  Then we will hop over to the little quilt shop in the same shopping center and get some fat Quarters and thread and perhaps a pattern oh and some fabric for my Christmas blocks for APPs swap.  Oh my heart rate is increasing at the thought of it.  Then we will jump in the car for a ride to Jo Ann's.  I want to look at some cute little Halloween stuff to send with my swap.  After that I will be ready to head home and bond with my lovely sewing machine.  SWEET!

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  1. Awesome... but mostly what it awesome Mr Rick is feeling up to doing something fun. I am so glad he is doing better. I was so worried for the two of you.. Both of you have had a hard going getting past this list illness... Like I said on FB I wish I was there .. it would be so much fun to go on a road trip with the two of you!!