Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Good News

LOOK MA NO CAVITIES! Rick and I both went to the dentist this morning and had wonderful check ups. My ugly tooth with pocket is holding it's own and no mention of the cavernous hole hiding in the tooth behind it so I, of course, did not mention that little demon. We got our new tooth brushes and toothpaste and I got a sticker just cause I always head to the sticker rack and get one. The staff is used to it now.

No sewing the last couple of days. Heck, I can't even get in the craft room to get to fabric or the machine cause I left it a big mess Sunday evening. I need to get busy though cause my plate of projects needed to get done is a little full for me. I will try to do something tonight and have a positive post tomorrow concerning the sewing.

The exersizes Rick is to do for therapy are hurting his back so I "gave him permission to not do the leg ones today.

It's a bit cooler in the tiny town and I can stand to be outside for more than the time it takes to get to the car either from work or the house. Those are basically the only two places I go. I live a very quiet life; no I did not say boring I said quiet. YAWN!

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