Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 A Year of Thoughtfulness

I never make New Year Resolutions.  I figure it is setting yourself up for failure. This year though I hope to be more thoughtful with family and friends.  Earlier this week I sent my Mother and Rick's Mother a plastic bag holder I had made.  They will be surprised when they walk to the mailbox on a cold January day. I always have lots of good intentions but seldom carry through with them; or I see where somebody else has done a simple good thing and I scold myself for not thinking of doing that too.
  I made another bag holder today for a friend and when she is having a really bad day with her fibro I will give her this bright happy bag. 

      Another Happy picture is this Violet.  She was just a stuggling leaf for so many years and often I would tell myself to just throw it out and get it out of it's misery, but as you can see I didn't and I am glad I didn't.
Guess that will be all of my thoughts for today. Blessings to all who read.

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