Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's way past time for..

a new blog post.   I have been busy really I have doing what?  Hum... let's see.  The first thing is Thanksgiving.  Rick and I had a nice quite day before heading to Griffin, Ga to the home of Carlton and Serenity.  Carlton grilled some delicious hamburgers and they had spent the day in the kitchen preparing some tasty sides.   Then it was back to work on Monday.  Tuesday and Wednesday I was sick; so sick I stayed home.  I am hoping it was my gum infection or maybe even a bug.  I am having that mean tooth pulled Tuesday and again am hoping that will end the almost constant mouth and ear pain.   Then on the great day of Friday Dec. 3rd I got my cursed Santa blocks for APP's quilt block swap in the mail.  They caused me a lot of agony and just about defeat.  I broke countless threads, at least 5 needles and two perfectly innocent machines. (I do have the machines up and running again)  They just about broke my sewing spirit too. I considered applique' my one strong point but these things beat me down.  My conclusion is that the Heat Bond that I had labeled as Lite was not and it left the needles and threads covered in a sticky mess that wrecked my sewing ease.  The pictures make them look really good but take my word for it they are not.

We are still trying to clean up and out.   So things seem to stay in an upheavel around here.  Fred says he will just hide out in the Christmas cactus for a while until the coast is clear.