Thursday, January 3, 2013

Where have I been in 2012?

Where have I been?   Everywhere and nowhere; the only trip we made was for Christmas to my Mom's in W Va. and yet it seems my life is always on the run and sadly it is mostly to work and back. Not that I don't enjoy my job, I do, but the car could do it without me.
   Biggest news is that we transplanted roots again.  After living in one house for 21 years and then to move twice in one year is a BIG change for this old girl.  We now are renting a three bedroom house in Griffin Ga.  It goes without saying that one of the bedrooms is a sewing/craft room.  Lots of unpacking left to do with that area but I have high hopes for it to be perfect.  We have a beautiful back deck looking over the back yard, a big yard that gives the dogs lots of run space and me lots of gardening room.  Lots of gardening room; oh, I said that already didn't I? 
   We acquired a cat in my absense from blogville. His name is Buster.  It all started when this kitty was left behind by my next door neighbors; and in all honesty he didn't belong to them he just showed up when the resident cat got fed.  He was wild and had a terrible fear of humans. After the neighbors left of course there was no one to feed this pathetic skinny cat sooooo. the rest is history.  I had him "fixed" and he made the move with us.  At that time he was an outside cat and for the first week he pretty much stayed an outside cat but then he discoved he just wasn't cut out for the rough life and chose to stay with his humans on the inside.

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