Monday, February 28, 2011

Not March already

Today is the last day of the second month of the year. The day each month I ask myself " What have you accomplished this month Cathy?" Usually I shrug my shoulders and answer with an"eh nothing" but this month I am rather pleased with myself. Now for the fanfare TA DA I finished my postage stamp quilt top this weekend. I am so proud of it! I took it to work today and showed it to all that I thought would appreciate the work involved. I would add a picture to the blog but sadly enough I haven't learned to do that yet I need the book blogging for dummies. I keep looking at different sites and saying "What?" Yes, I talk a lot to myself. Also, I finished a chair pad that I needlepunched. I added a homespun back and some ties. Now to find the perfect chair.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's going on

Today is Wednesday Feb 23,2011. Yesterday was spent in the Atlanta Urological (sp) Center with Rick. He had a stone blasted. Took my ipod and listened to the soothing sounds of Josh Groban since I didn't have any handwork to do and I certainly don't want to start another project. Oh. Sunday evening I made postage stamp quilt blocks until the cows came home. I think I have 10 more to do. The Awesome fabric is soo pretty and I think I have figured out I love oranges and greens. As God as my Witness..That quilt will be finished! (sorry Scarlet it was so passionate when you said it). Also, found out the famous Cathy McNabb will be my swap partner in APP's Easter mug rug swap...oh my how can I meet her expectations? EWW I just tasted a little throw up in my mouth. I am thinking about joining the APP quilt block swap too. Seems simple enough as long as I am patient and take my time to get those blocks perfect. Hmmm 40 more squares. I can do that!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Maybe I wasn't meant to be a blogger

So much sickness in the family that I have lost contact with the blog( and the postage stamp quilt). DD is better; slowly returning to work and normal activities. DH ; well I have yet to figure out. He was having spasms in his neck last week and that is gone. This week two new kidney stones... one will pass on it's own the other will have to be blasted. Waiting on a date for that. My little Black Baby(car 2003 Ford Focus) needed a new pair of shoes and so they were ordered;but before they came in a tire decided to go flat on the way to work Friday. Blessedly Rick was driving so he got to change it kidney stones and all. The mechanic also found she needed new brake shoes on the front and a baring in the rear. What? She gets two different kinds of shoes and I get zero. OH WELL thank you God for keeping us safe. I have been working on the quilt a little at the time. I got so far behind when DD was in the hospital and once I get behind I lose the competitive edge so it isn't as exciting to me. I have joined APP's Easter Mug Rug swap and have been searching the web for cute ideas and of course I have kept every "Create and Decorate" magazine I have ever received so I have lots of resourses. I have decided I will wait until I have the mug in hand for this one so they can tie in a little better. Guess this will be all for this post.