Monday, April 23, 2012

OK maybe I am back..

So two months after surgery I am back on here. I am far from healed but still much better than before the slits on the shoulder.
 Much has happened since that day in January when I posted last. The most life changing was that we have pulled up roots and replanted our lives. We moved from a four bedroom two story house to a two bedroom duplex complete with yard care. Of course, we have a massive storage unit at this time but hopefully we can work through that at our own pace and slowly rid ourselves of all extra baggage.  We have two bedrooms of sorts. I say that because one is totally dedicated to my sewing. Earlier in the year I purchased a serger and an embroidery machine from my friend. Although I have yet attempted to learn the miracles of these two wonders I am sure once I am feeling up to my old self the sounds of whirring motors will be coming from that room.
  Yesterday I was back at my friend's house and she gave me some lovely cotton fabric. Yeah I needed it. I will close for now because my honey and I had an outing today and I am completely zonked. Is that still a word?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 A Year of Thoughtfulness

I never make New Year Resolutions.  I figure it is setting yourself up for failure. This year though I hope to be more thoughtful with family and friends.  Earlier this week I sent my Mother and Rick's Mother a plastic bag holder I had made.  They will be surprised when they walk to the mailbox on a cold January day. I always have lots of good intentions but seldom carry through with them; or I see where somebody else has done a simple good thing and I scold myself for not thinking of doing that too.
  I made another bag holder today for a friend and when she is having a really bad day with her fibro I will give her this bright happy bag. 

      Another Happy picture is this Violet.  She was just a stuggling leaf for so many years and often I would tell myself to just throw it out and get it out of it's misery, but as you can see I didn't and I am glad I didn't.
Guess that will be all of my thoughts for today. Blessings to all who read.

Monday, January 9, 2012

What the heck...

has been going on in the House of Howell.  Yeh we had Thanksgiving and CHRISTmas; I think.  Some times I believe life is just whizzing by and I am on the sidelines looking confused.   We stayed in Barnesville for CHRISTmas and got to see the little girls head for their trip to Disneyworld.  I was so excited for them to be able to go as a family. The five seemed to have a tremendous time.  New Years came and I was actually awake for the exciting moment when old became new.  I was reading a book.  I love the free Kindle ebooks.  I have read three this year.  One I will struggle with because it deals with one of my crosses to bear and that is simplify;my life my home,and my finances.    Yesterday I finished the second plastic bag holder.  This one was more difficult for me for some reason and it had to be ripped out and restarted but it looks good now.  I hope to send them to my Mom and Rick's Mom for just because gifts.  Rick has been sick the new year and the end of last year. We thought he had a bad cold that wouldn't let go but he had pneuomia.  He was feeling so much better Friday and he looked (and smelled) like my husband. But we got excited and took a day trip to Macon( ate at Logan's went to JoAnn's admired embroidery machines, waltzed thru Hancock's and hit Krispy Kreme with a vengance.  In other words did too much and he was worn out on Sunday and maybe today. I haven't seen him yet.    I too am having a problem with my health. My darn rotator cup has ripped and it has left me ouchy and mean.  Rick said if I didn't hurry and get it repaired I was going to have no friends left. Wonder if that means him too?  I am a grumpy bear.   My work load at work is tremendous and while I need to work more than my 40 hours I just can't seem to have the energy to do so.
I will survive though and be a stronger woman because of it.   GO ME!