Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday and not a road trip in sight

Ahhh weekend;how sweet the sound.  And yet a bit melancoly(is that how you spell that)   The attic has been emptied and now comes the difficult part  of going through all of the memories.  When you are QUICKLY approaching 60 you have a lot of memories.  The attic is the place where the older ones and possibly best one are stored.  Today the totes and boxes will be gone through and divided among the children.  My sweet son in law will come for the bunk beds and matching chest that allowed a small boy to rest so he could grow into a man.  The man didn't want it.     Rick has been working in the tool room for a week now.  We have so many duplicates of tools and such that it needs a good purging.  I am also parting with my collection of chldrens books.   The preschool teacher in me sees such a treasure in those but the person trying to get her life a bit more simplified sees no reason to keep such things.   Now the one thing to always cherish are people, especially grandchildren.  Aren't my girls the best?  Their smiles light up this heart.  They are always ready to share a hug and a smile.  Love you MM and Z!
  Z. had just gotten her glasses and was amazed at the sights she was seeing for the first time.  Such cuties.

Friday, October 28, 2011


OK so my friend Mark will kill me for posting this but it is a fabulous picture.    Yes, I work at a great place that has made the world's largest jamakin.  Now that I look at the fabric a little closer I guess they had it special made also cause those huge dinos wouldn't fit on one of those regular little garments.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Before Halloween A Show and no Tell

These are the goodies that are in the package that will eventually get to Canada.  I decided that this pic doesn't show a lot of the goodies so if Betty M. reads this blog she still will not know all of her surprises.  I am using the mug rug that I received from Betty as my mouse pad at work.  It is made of such happy colors.
Joy of Joys I figured out how to put pictures on here from the cell phone.  I am a happy girl.  I love learning new stuff that is truly beneficial to me.    Yesterday evening I decided to get industrious and wash the three four footed babies.  However, Ralphie had other plans and when he saw the towels and shampoo quickly let himself out the back door.  He got his later though so all the puppies are/were clean.  It is so dry outside that the ground is one big dust bowl and they will get dirty quickly.  Also, last night, I played with some bubbles.  Rick is a real party pooper though and made me stop just cause they were hitting him and popping.  

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Fun Basket from Carters

Before I deleted the email with the picture of my basket that I won at Carters I wanted to share it with you.  I am still taking goodies from it daily.  Yesterday I removed a bunch of bubble containers in the shape of eyeballs.  AOOOOO!  and a regular bottle of bubbles.  I love bubbles and have always let the kids play with them in the house.  Bubbles are made of some type of soap and soap on the floor equal a clean spot.  No wonder my babies grew up warped.  Love my basket and my place of work. 
Today we have been asked to share a note of thanksgiving with our troops serving out of the country.  I think that is a wonderful idea.  The only problem is I can't decorate the note as I would want.   I can't draw worth a flip so my won't be pretty  But I wiil get them written and I suppose that is the main objective.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Friday was the Great day

Friday was my lucky day; I should have played the lottery but alas I didn't.   This past week at work we had fun day. It's a day that we all take a couple of hours and play games like Bingo and cake walk and such.  Everything costs a dollar and it goes to Leukemia and Lyphoma research.  I didn't win much that day but it was fun and I got to spend time with people that work outside my area.
  But now Friday... they had a drawing for a spectacular Halloween basket.  I wanted that thing BAD.  The drawing was held and I was the happy winner. I can't post a picture of that because I have pretty much torn it to pieces giving out candy and a little Tiger suit. Now I am keeping the socks and stuffed goodes and of course the flip flops.  The coloring book and color crayons (as he says) will go to Pete, my SIL.  He loves to color.
    Then when I got home from work my swap package from Betty in Canada was here. I think our packages must have crossed in the air.   It was so cute and I have swapped out my tote for this most lovely of totes.  You can see all the other presents that were included.  I did forget to include the handmade card in the picture.   I was doing really well though clearing out a spot on the dining room table for a photo.  I always do a good job of hiding my pile of stuff in pics.
This afternoon I cleaned out the dining room drawers and cupboards.  I always find so many precious memories of my past lives.  I still had typed sermons from Johnnie, my 1st husband.  Gee, he's been with Jesus for over 20 something years and he doesn't need them anymore.  Then I found a newsletter from Richard, my 2nd husband, while he was at First Baptist as minister of ed there.(He's been with Jesus over 2 years)  It was telling about the new baby in the house.  It was Trey, the week he asked Jesus to be his Savior and Lord.  He was a newborn in Christ and we took his decision very seriously and raised him as a child of God.   One day I am praying he will return to his Father.  *Sigh* 
Through out lots of used candles and stuff.  Why do I hold on to junk?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Me Doing the Happy Dance

Oh yeah I did it.  I got a package off to Canada this afternoon after work.  What a wonderful relief.  I hope my swap partner is pleased with it.  I had a blast doing this one.  Thanks to Aunt Pitty Pat for sponsering this swap.  I think it was my third swap that I have been in of hers and this one was the best.  Maybe I am getting over the " I can't do this" fear.  
Now to do the Santa blocks for the Christmas Block swap.  Yep, I can do this.
By the way, thanks to my DH for taking me to the post office and helping me mail the box.  I never wear my glasses unless I am at work or sewing so I couldn't read the cutoms form.  I thought where it said airmail it was animal, and now, I am not the brightest bulb in the box, I knew you couldn't mail animals.  Besides things are ALWAYS more fun with him!

Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm So Excited

Although I shouldn't say anything.  Cause it may not come true if I say something..OHWELL here goes.  I am going on a road trip tomorrow.  We, Rick and I are going to Macon.  OK so it's only 45 minutes away but understand I NEVER go anywhere but to work and back home.  I can even get lost in our local Ingles cause I go so seldom.   So that is the reason for my exhuberance.   Probably first stop will be Olive Garden.  He is finally able to eat and not choke so he is looking forward to some pasta.  Me, I'll take the salad and bread sticks; now I won't stop at that point but that is my favorite.  Then we will hop over to the little quilt shop in the same shopping center and get some fat Quarters and thread and perhaps a pattern oh and some fabric for my Christmas blocks for APPs swap.  Oh my heart rate is increasing at the thought of it.  Then we will jump in the car for a ride to Jo Ann's.  I want to look at some cute little Halloween stuff to send with my swap.  After that I will be ready to head home and bond with my lovely sewing machine.  SWEET!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

How did you spend the last day of September 2011?

Never a dull moment at the House of Howell.  You would think with only two adults living in the home life would be a little more serene.  But Mr Howell likes to keep me hopping.  He had surgery exactly one month ago to get his tummy out of he's chest.  The surgery went really well and he was able to breathe with not pain and eat the soft foods and actually enjoy the process of eating again.   BUT.... Monday we had ham steaks (he is such a wonderful cook) and the problems began.  Apparantly a piece got stuck in his newly tighten opening to his tummy whick lead to food impactions.  He finally called the doctor yesterday morning and the nurse told him to get to the hoppital as soon as possible.  I was at work and had to come to Barnesville to get him.   Got to the hospital; he had the barium swallow test; couldn't get that liquid past the blockage so they were going to admit him to do the surgery this am.  Then it was decided to do it then.  The surgery was successful and on the way home he had a chocolate milkshake.  Then after getting home he had a strawberry Instand Breakfast. Then declaring exhaustion we went to bed and slept and slept.   I am hearing the pitter patter of little feet so he's up.  A new day to praise God for all of his mercies.