Saturday, October 1, 2011

How did you spend the last day of September 2011?

Never a dull moment at the House of Howell.  You would think with only two adults living in the home life would be a little more serene.  But Mr Howell likes to keep me hopping.  He had surgery exactly one month ago to get his tummy out of he's chest.  The surgery went really well and he was able to breathe with not pain and eat the soft foods and actually enjoy the process of eating again.   BUT.... Monday we had ham steaks (he is such a wonderful cook) and the problems began.  Apparantly a piece got stuck in his newly tighten opening to his tummy whick lead to food impactions.  He finally called the doctor yesterday morning and the nurse told him to get to the hoppital as soon as possible.  I was at work and had to come to Barnesville to get him.   Got to the hospital; he had the barium swallow test; couldn't get that liquid past the blockage so they were going to admit him to do the surgery this am.  Then it was decided to do it then.  The surgery was successful and on the way home he had a chocolate milkshake.  Then after getting home he had a strawberry Instand Breakfast. Then declaring exhaustion we went to bed and slept and slept.   I am hearing the pitter patter of little feet so he's up.  A new day to praise God for all of his mercies.


  1. Oh wow that could have been awful.. thank goodness he did not put off calling the DR. I am so glad everything seems to be back on track for the both of you.. I hope the Mr gets to feeling better quickly ;)
    Hugs Pitty and M

  2. Happy that everything turned out okay.
    Thinking of you both. I will say a pray of thanks to the good Lord.