Wednesday, June 22, 2011

OK so why can't I post?

That is the question.   Granted I had a very boring post last night but it was part of my life and I couldn't post.  I guess I put the blogger dude to sleep.
  Since yesterday was the longest day of the year I thought I should do something.  After work and before Serenity and Carlton got to my house, I drove over to Tammie's to get my sunglasses that I had left there the day before and to take Zoe's birthday present.  I gave her the beautiful little purse I had made and put some goodies in it for her. Stuff like hair ribbon, lip gloss hand sanitizer (she's going to camp this week)  some pads of paper and a pen.  She seemed pleased and MM loved the purse too.  I guess one for her will be made  soon.  They I scooted home and the other daughter (her husband) came to work on the desk top since it had no internet access.  I think it does now but it was past my night night time when they left and I leave for work before the crack of early I didn't have time to play on it. 

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