Sunday, July 31, 2011

Really different day same stuff

Rick got out of the hospital yesterday after a 4 day visit.  Went in through the ER with chest pains.  Got admited on observation. Praise God no heart attack but he does have a 50% blockage - heart cath- in one whatever.  The main discovery was a large hernia that is causing the acid ftom his food to irritate his esophogus and or not allow the food to his tummy at all. Also, his red blood count is half what it should be.  Hummm  what else?  It seened we were getting all the tests that should be done but no clear answers of what could be done to make him better.  Friday after yet another test- endoscopy- they said he was going home....OH NO WE AREN'T   we need answers.  So quiet little Cathy threw a fit and although still not happy with treatment I understand the situation a little better.

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