Friday, August 12, 2011

A Real Need for an update

It seems I do the same thing every day so I don't feel the need to post but one day I will look back and wonder about the empty block of time so here you go Cathy.  Rick has just not been himself lately.  He is exhausted all of the time and sleeps.  We went to the gastro dr Wed. and ended up disgusted and a resolve never to see him again. Then yesterday we were at the PCP and I was ready for him. I am so tired of no answers that I was probably going to be " the arguementative one" as described by the gasto dude.  But the PCP didn't give me an opportunity to spring because he came in sat down and started asking numerous questions and offering just as many suggestions.  Rick has extremely low blood pressure and is taking a new med for that.  I pray that will help his energy level. Of course there is still the hernia and Mr Rick slept through the appt for the upper gi this morning. I trully don't know what to do... I tried calling him several times to no answer to make sure he was awake to go to this appt.  I can't stay out of work to take him to all of his tests and appts.  OH Well.  And there is the 50% blockage in one of the smaller arteries. But it seems that is minor and since he gives me other things to worry about I won't be concerned with that at this time.
  My nose is healing very well.  Oh have I not mentioned I got it pierced last Friday?  I am sure it was one of those feel sorry for Cathy moments because she is turning 60 in November and her husband is sick.  It hurt like a mother to have it done and probably wouldn't have done it if I had known it was that painful but luckily I didn't.
Haven't heard from any of the kids since they started school. Or from the one that is not in school.
OH WELL typical.  BOY am I pissy now I know why I haven't posted  I don't like this side of me. So I will stop complainng and do something constuctive like wash the dishes or I could dream over other ladies blogs that actually do someting awesome.

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