Monday, June 6, 2011

Thought the attached picture was interesting and true when I first saw it posted on FB a couple weeks ago.

This weekend was so calm; no excitement whatsoever. I finished the "bag" I was working on. Hurrah! Then I started decorating a brown bag. I used to decorate those and coffee cans quite often but got out of it just like I did everything else. Well, I'm back and enjoying those moments of creativity.

Rich had a not so good weekend. His energy level is quite low and it is a struggle to get his therapy exersizes in every day, but he does and I am so proud of him working so hard.

I tried to clean out the closet in the craft room but once I started I discovered too many memories and I can only handle just so much of those. Now I can't even see the floor of the craft room much less get any fun stuff done so I will have to make several trips to the dumpster this afternoon and get rid of that stuff. Most of it belongs to children so if they didn't want it I shouldn't... Right?

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