Friday, March 11, 2011

Much Better Now.

Today is Friday and I have been home with a very sick hubbie for two days. Actually he probably didn't need me as much as I needed to be with him. If history repeats itself; I didn't want him to leave earth. Not that I can stop it when the time comes (know this by experience x 2) but I just wanted to be with him period! Anyway he is much better and I am very relieved. Maybe those jokers at the er did know what they were doing but I certainly didn't want to bring him home Wed night. Enough of that..
I have been dragging out stuff in the craft room and it has been a delight. I love to rediscover treasures I have long forgotten about. Patterns, fabric,buttons, pictures and clothes. Yes, that room is a mess and it might take me years to get it organized but by jove( whoever that was) I will. Still working on my Easter Mug Rug for APP's swap. How do I know when a project is finished? I just keep thinking of something it needs. I guess I better wrap it up soon cause mailing deadline is fast appoaching.

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  1. Oh, Cathy! I do hope your hubby is getting better!!!
    Praying for him and you, too!!