Monday, March 21, 2011

National Quilting Day 3/19/11

Saturday was National Quilting Day and like any other diehard fabric stash collector I was really pumped. I had planned my day for a week (and for me that is preplanning at it's best). I showered,put on makeup; whoa; and headed out. Please understand this is a BIG undertaking for me because I have just about become a hermit. Anyway, first stop Slices, one of the local pizza joints in our tiny town. My granddaughter works there and I had the best calzone I had ever consumed. Didn't get to spend any time with GD but admired her as she went about her task of serving the crowd. Always had a smile. Next, I headed across the street to the craft store owned by two of my dearest friends. Picked up a couple of items of cuteness there and started the major part of my day. Be still my pounding heart. I headed south on I-75 to Macon. We don't have a great selection of stores in our town so you go to Atlanta or Macon and I chose the lesser of the two evils. Once I hit the interstate my heart began to pump normally and I rather enjoyed the sunshine and quiet ride. Arriving in Macon I ventured to Joanns. I practically ran inside the store with great anticipation similar to a kid on Christmas morning. What exciting things were awaiting me inside on this National Quilt Day.... I grabbed my buggy and inquired about coupons and/or sales for this special of special days. NOTHING. nothing on national quilting day? They didn't even realize what the day was much less have a coupon dedicated to us quilters. BAH HUMBUG! anyway had a super time at my party of one getting some needed and not so needed items. Then I headed back to the house. Alot of excitement for this old girl for one day.

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  1. Cathy,
    I don't have a Joann's close either and I miss that :( I would have to drive way up to the north part of OKC and I don't do well driving in city highway traffic, so I settle for Hancock Fabrics and Hobby Lobby.
    I didn't even know it was National Quilting Day, so you were doing better then me :)