Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Starting New Things

and not completing the old. Should be working on some unfinished projects but I like to start things( just ask Rick). This evening I have begun my first doll. She's not an Annie and that's ok because others can do those and one day I may but not today. I had a good Mommie's day with communication with all three of my wonderful offspring; yes even the itty bitty baby boy. The girls went together and got me a goodie I had been wanting for a few months and wouldn't get for myself. I can usually justify getting fabric, sewing accesories, and sewing machine attachments but not this. It's a good thing, I didn't decide to go get it because it would have been gone. They are diligent about listening about me drone on and on when I think something is oh so cute and if I get the picture here you too can see how adorable it is. She was painted by my good friend Cathy Batchelor. Sadly she lost her home and all material possessions on the morning of our tornadoes. She co owns Creekside Crafts in Barnesville. She,her husband and granddaughter escaped with no injuries and the dog and cat are doing well also. I will close for now and get ready for my bed. It likes me so much.

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