Sunday, May 15, 2011

Not Exactly the Weekend I had Planned

and the reason I don't plan.. I arrived home Friday after work and my sweet husband had worked very hard on the front yard and was asleep in the lawn chair by the driveway. I thought it strange that he didn't react to the dogs excited greetings to momma. Then I thought man he is really tired so I looked at a few plants around the yard and then went back to the chair. After calling his name a few times; I resorted to pouring a bottle of water on him. NO REACTON! uhoh So I smacked the fool out of him and he woke up with a start. I noticed immediately he was different and after the stroke in Nov. '09 I know the signs. I rushed him to the hospital although I don't know why because they certainly weren't in a hurry. I am thinking what's all this about every second is so important? Anyway he is in the hospital and don't know when he will be going home. He is eating puree'd food as of this afternoon and speech is better. Who can tell about his thought process cause we both have half a brain. He can barely walk with a walker but I expect that to improve also. I have an infected tooth( I think that I am not familiar with) if it is not better I will go see the dentist in the morning and then head to work. Ahhh, this too will pass. and I hope get better.

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