Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hurray and I am not techy

Rick is feeling so much better. We had a marvelous weekend until he (as usual) overdid activities and his tummy was in pain.  Me, on the other hand caught a tummy bug and was sick Sunday and Monday.  Before I was totally into the bug however I cleaned our room. I will admit I am a collector of magazines and stuff (hoarding is such a negative word) so I cleaned off every flat surface and dicovered killer dust bunnies under the furniture.
  On the other topic of me being technically challenged...  This blog is so frustrating!  I want to do it right so it is fun and normally I can read the directions and achieve the desired results but on this thing I sit here, read the how to do it and say HUH?  or that button is not on my blog.
   I started a wall hanging/table topper last week.  It is turning out very good because I am being very diligent on making sure of the seam widths.  What a difference that makes.   Also, I found a sew along quilt project ( to the right) and I really want a sew along because of my competitive nature I seem to get a project done in a decent amount of time.  

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